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At Sarah B., we invite you to remember and preserve a time when written communication was a normal facet of one’s life. While many people think handwritten letters and notes have gone the way of fax machines, and horse and buggy carriages, we disagree. There’s still something to be said for taking the time to craft a well-written note on beautiful stationery, whether it be your feelings for a loved one, a business thank you note, or condolences for a friend who’s experienced a loss. In this day and age, texts and email are fast and easy, and serve their purpose, but that purpose stops at the everyday. We keep old shoe boxes of letters, notes and postcards dating back to my childhood, but no email. Emails are deleted, as they should be; handwritten correspondence is saved and cherished, creating sentimental value for you and generations to come. Just think, wouldn’t it be fun to take a peek at the love letters your grandparents wrote to each other during the war? It creates sentimental value, but you also learn a little something about someone in the way they write!

Sarah B. provides stationery off-the-shelf if you need something quickly, and we also provide custom stationery that can be personalized with your name or monogram for that extra-special touch! (Keep in mind it also makes a great gift!) We can help you select from the various companies we have chosen to work with, and as is the case with wedding invitations, you have a variety of options to choose from that are more formal or casual depending on the use, your mood and personality! To help you select a stationery suite for your repertoire, please schedule an appointment.

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