Five Great Reasons to Send Save the Dates

dauphine STDgallery_marinwood_03_dauphinpress_letterpress There are a multitude of things to consider when planning a wedding. Some are exceedingly important, while others can be more easily dismissed. To my way of thinking, Save the Dates fall somewhere in the middle. They are not an absolute necessity, yet there are compelling reasons to send them. First and foremost…

1. Save the Dates actually force you to put together your guest list and compile the addresses. The guest list drives so many decisions about your wedding: how you’ll divide your budget, food selections and other items to include in your wedding or not. It may determine the location of your ceremony and/or reception, depending on space available. Conversely, all those factors may actually determine how many people you can invite to your wedding and drive the guest list.


2. The Save the Date may serve as your wedding announcement. Let’s be honest, fewer and fewer people put a photo and formal announcement in the newspaper any longer. This lets your friends and family know it’s official, and that you have selected a date!


3. It serves as a sort of pre-invitation. As you don’t send the actual invitation until six to eight weeks before the wedding, you definitely want your guests to know they’ll be included and literally save the date for your wedding! Holiday weekends or other events occurring in the city on the same weekend may make booking hotels difficult. Destination weddings necessitate providing greater information. Sending advance notice is at the very least helpful, and in some cases, may actually be essential.


4. The Save the Date allows guests to plan for your wedding. Many people have to take off work, travel, purchase airline tickets and book hotels. This gives them the go-ahead to do all that. You can also provide information related to blocks of hotel rooms and weekend events, if you desire.


5. This is the best way to give out your web address! Are you creating a wedding website? (no, you don’t have to, but a lot of people do!) Adding your website on your Save the Date is a great way to let everyone know where to find information about the wedding, hotels, directions and more.



So, time to buckle down and get busy with that list! But don’t worry – once you have the information you need, Save the Dates are fast, fun and easy! Add a photo or not, and we’ll help you with the rest!







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