Engaged? Congratulations! Now Save the Date!

How exciting – you’re getting married! Now to tell all your friends and start planning your wedding! And odds are, the first question you’ll hear is “When’s the big day?” And of course, you’ll want all your friends to save your chosen weekend!

Naturally, there are a number of decisions and tasks that need to be accomplished before purchasing your Save the Dates, namely, choosing the date, securing the wedding and reception venues and deciding on a possible theme or formality of the event.


According to Huffington Post, the most common length of engagement is between 13 and 18 months, however, we’ve seen shorter as well as much longer time periods! People often ask us when they should send out their Save the Dates. We recommend waiting until the wedding is less than a year off. In most cases, you’ll want to send them out around 6-9 months before the wedding, depending on the location you select for your nuptials. For instance, if you’ve selected a destination wedding, be sure to give your guests ample time to request vacation from work and purchase their airline tickets, notifying them closer to a year beforehand. If you’re marrying in your hometown church and most guests live nearby, you can wait until closer to six months before the big day.


What should you include in your Save the Dates? Really, just the basic information. You want to provide: a. the date; b. who’s getting married; and c. where the wedding will be, as in city and state. Often people include a favorite engagement photo or two. No need for addresses, name of church or specific times. And usually we end with something like “formal invitation to follow” so your guests will know this isn’t the actual invitation. Finally, if you want to provide travel information or have a short-term room block, you might choose to enclose that information as well. Keep in mind that wedding invitations are typically sent out between six and eight weeks before the wedding.


Occasionally people will add a wedding website to their Save the Date where guests can get further information. That’s a great idea, but remember, even in this day and age, not everyone is online, especially perhaps Grandma and Grandpa and your favorite Uncle Mac. So don’t leave them out of the loop!

Formal and elegant or fun and funky, there’s so many great ways to spread the news to your family and friends that you’ve chosen your wedding date and you want them to share your special day! Come in to Sarah B. and let us show you how!

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