Do You Know What You’re Paying For Postage?

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Do you have any idea how much you’re paying for postage? I didn’t! I just bought the stamps and didn’t pay attention as is the case for most people, I believe. It’s important to me to mail the special cards I so lovingly select for those import to me, so it didn’t really matter. But I’ve recently had a couple of customers ask me how much it is and I feel ridiculous telling them I have no idea. Clearly, they’re in the same boat I am in.

So, I had to do a little bit of investigation. We are currently paying $0.49 for the forever stamps and if you need to buy stamps for square envelopes, it is $0.70 unless it’s metered and then it’s $0.69. Keep in mind, this is for regular weighted mail. Anything over an ounce is considered overweight and will therefore cost you a bit more as will anything that is over-sized.

Why, you may wonder, does it cost more to send a square envelope? According to the USPS website: Rectangular envelopes are able to be processed via a sorting machine. The envelope is grabbed by on one of it’s longer sides. The machine then locates the stamp which will be either on the upper right corner or, if the envelope is upside down, on the lower left corner. The machine will then rearrange the letter (takes up to 2 motions) to read the address and route the envelope properly.

With a square envelope, there is no long side for the envelope to automatically land on. The machine would have to take more steps to get it adjusted properly in order for the machine to read it. Since the Post Office sorts so much mail, it is easier for the machine to simply remove the square envelope from the sorter. At that stage, it is necessary for a human to manually enter the address into the system so that it may be routed to the appropriate Post Office. A human dealing with entering an envelope manually costs the Post Office ten times more than what it would cost if the envelope was able to go through the machine. Thus, the additional cost for square envelopes.

But, I think most of you will be happy to hear that there won’t be an increase in the cost of postage for 2015. Not only is there not going to be an increase for 2015, there are some really adorable holiday stamps for your Thanksgiving, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year Cards! Let the Holiday Celebrations begin!!

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